Legendary Composer John Williams To Get Documentary From Producer Steven Spielberg
  • Jan. 20, 2023 3:06 pm EST

Over 50 years after two absolute titans in the industry first joined forces, the inevitable is finally happening. Nobody with a baseline understanding of film, an appreciation for music, and a modicum of good taste could ever have a bad word to say about the legendary partnership between filmmaker Steven Spielberg and composer John Williams. First teaming up for the iconic theme of "Jaws" and sticking together through over 20 total movies, the art they've created together proves beyond a doubt that it's simply a match made in film heaven. And now, all these years later, we're finally about to receive a John Williams documentary thanks to, you guessed it, Steven Spielberg.

The Hollywood Reporter brings the thrilling news that Imagine Documentaries, Nedland Media, and Spielberg's Amblin Television are in the "very early stages" of producing a John Williams-focused feature documentary. Longtime behind-the-scenes featurette and "Making of" director Laurent Bouzereau will be taking point on this project, having covered dozens of previous Spielberg movies over the years, as well. According to the report, Spielberg will be executive producing alongside names such as Imagine Entertainment founder Brian Grazer, filmmaker Ron Howard, Amblin president Darryl Frank, Amblin Television co-president Justin Falvey, and Imagine Documentaries leaders Justin Wilkes, Sara Bernstein, and Meredith Kaulfers.

Read on for all the details!

A match made in heaven

Talk about Hollywood royalty. Perhaps no artists alive command as much respect and admiration in their respective fields as Steven Spielberg and John Williams do. And now, decades after both have made such invaluable contributions to the art form, they're coming together once again to give audiences a peak behind the camera to get to know the composer in a way we never have before. And who better to help document such an iconic presence than Spielberg himself?

According to THR, the acclaimed filmmaker had this to say about his decades-spanning work with Williams:

Williams, of course, was reported to be considering retirement after his work on James Mangold's upcoming "Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny," but luckily he reversed course in decisive fashion in order to keep delivering banger after banger (as the kids say) and broaden his already-considerable résumé. As if his work on "Jaws," the "Indiana Jones" movies, "Jurassic Park," "Schindler's List," "Saving Private Ryan," "The Post," and most recently "The Fabelmans" wasn't enough, we're set for at least one more joint effort from the two with this upcoming documentary film. 

There's no word just yet on when this will release, but you can bet that /Film will be keeping a close eye on this one.